VWI Geschäftsstelle

Uhrzeit ab: 12:00

Uhrzeit bis: 20:00

Veranstaltungsort: DLRG-Heim Hamburg-Bergedorf

Adresse: Ladenbeker Furtweg 120, 21033 Hamburg

Beschreibung der Veranstaltung: Prepare yourself. The time has come. Get ready for the biggest challenge in 2019. This summer the most heroic of all ESTIEMers will have the possibility to present their Local Groups, to prove their braveness and to demonstrate their courage. During 5 days you will compete in 5 groups with each 4 participants in THE Hamburg Games. During these days you will get to your limits. Physically and psychologically. Prove yourself in sports activities, logic and party activities. All that takes place in the most beautiful city in Germany in the best time of the year. Apply now and show us what you got. You have the power. YOU CAN DO IT!

Anmeldung über: https://www.estiem.org/Internal/default.aspx?PageId=518